Happy Dog Times

This Might Be The Sweetest Dog Story Of The Year

Dog shopping spree

In a dog story that appeared on the ABC News site it was reported that a Pennsylvania man is taking his dog on bucket list adventures after receiving news that her life would be cut short due to cancer.

“Sometimes in life you get stagnant, but by me doing all of these things with her, it’s kind of re-energized my life,” Todd Burchanowski of Erie, Pennsylvania, told ABC News. “I hope people can do this for themselves, or with their loved ones as well.”

Burchanowski said it was the day after Thanksgiving when Reyes, his 8-year-old female poodle/beagle mix, was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma.

Since the dog was given only two months to live, Burchanowski decided he’d make the time she had left meaningful by making a bucket list of stimulating things to do before she dies.

Reyes bucket list consists of 81 adventures including a trip to Niagara Falls, a sled ride, a feast of McDonald’s french fries, a swim and a shopping spree.

“I want everyone to know how much people have given to me and Reyes in this time under unselfish acts of kindness,” he added.

Burchanowski said he and Reyes are continuing to cross more items off the list today by taking a trip to PNC park to take photos with statues of baseball players.

This just has to be the top dog story of the year.

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