Happy Dog Times

6 Signs Of Happy Dogs

Humans smile, laugh and cheer when they feel happy. In the same way, dogs express their happiness too. Here are some signs that can tell you when your dog is happy;

Notice Their Eyes

The shape and size of a dog’s eyes change with their emotions. As unbelievable as it sounds, it is actually true. His eyes can say a lot about his inner feelings. If he is happy, his eyes will relax and be at their normal size. If he is feeling scared or threatened, they will enlarge. That is his way of saying that a particular person or situation is making him uncomfortable.

Notice their Mouth

There are plenty of ways of identifying happy dogs. One of the ways through which he communicates is his mouth. If his mouth is relaxed, and it seems like he is smiling, then he is happy for sure. Smiling here means that the dog shows his teeth, his tongue and his lips in an upward relaxed position.

Their EarsJake Resized

Reading dog ears can be a bit tough considering not all dog breeds have upright ears. Some dogs have droopy and some have floppy. In this case, the owner should notice if the dog’s ears are in his natural, normal position. If they are, then it definitely means that the dog is in a good mood. Happy dogs pull their ears back a bit indicating that they are in a playful mood and are enjoying themselves in your company. But if his ears fall completely flat on his head, they might mean that your dog is feeling scared.

Their Tails

A dog’s tail can tell us a number of things. Happy dogs wag and wiggle their tails from left to right. If he is calm and comfortable, he will hold it in his natural position. If he is unsure or scared he will bend it inwards. A REALLY happy dog may wiggle his tail in a circular motion.

Their Hair

A dog’s hair tells you more about his mood than you think. The amount of hair a dog sheds may indicate their feelings. If the dog feels happy, he will shed his hair normally as specified for each breed. A dog, under a stressed situation will shed twice as much. He might shed balls of hair. Sometimes when they are anxious, scared or threatened, the hair between their shoulder blades rises up and they let the other person or an animal show that they are aware of their presence. This act maybe used by one dog to show the other of his dominance.

Their Body Posture

A dog has in total, three main body postures, normal, large and small. If the dog is at his normal position then it means that he is at ease. A playful dog would look similar but he would be jumping around. He might also push his body back and put eight on his hind limbs so he can run jump better with force. A smaller than normal posture indicates that the dog is scared and a larger one denotes that he is angry or threatened.

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