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8 Best Dog Training Tips for New Owners

English_Bulldog_puppyPets are like family members. You shelter them, feed them and take care of them. When you finally get your pet home, his training needs to begin immediately. Whether you train him yourself or take help from a trainer, here are some dog training tips that might come in handy.

  1. Choosing his name

You want to pick a name for your dog that is short and catchy. The reason is that when you keep it short and emphasize at the end, he is able to hear it clearly and respond to the instruction with which you have trained him. If you have gotten a dog from an animal shelter or his previous owner and he already has a name, you can still change it. Dogs are extremely adaptable creatures and if you use his name consistently, he will learn to respond to it.

To make him get used to his new name, associate it with positive things like ‘treat’, ‘food’ or ‘walk’ rather than negative.

  1. House Rules

When you decide to get a dog, then before his arrival, make a list of things that he can and cannot do around the house. If he is allowed to lie down on the sofa, if he is allowed to enter the kitchen or not etc. this will help the dog get a better understanding. This is a major step in the dog training tips and cannot be ignored.

  1. Set up the kennel

Your dog needs a room of his own. Give your puppy/ dog his own sleeping place and make sure that the place you give him is used by no one else. He will benefit from the safety of his own den. Give him a treat if he behaves well and recognizes that the place set out for him is his own sleeping and resting place.

  1. Have some relaxation Time

Comfort your little puppy when he gets home. Give him his little bottle of warm water or a toy. Do not confuse or scare him. Try to calm him down as much as possible.

  1. Teach him respond to his name

Teaching him to come is something that you need to focus on first when getting the hang of your dog training tips. Get on your knees so that you are near to his level and ask him to come. When he does, give him a positive reaction. Try it again and again and he soon will learn

  1. Reward his good behavior

Reward your puppy with positive gestures. Use doggy treats and toys to reward him. Let him know that he is doing the right thing. Do not give him a treat when he does something wrong. It will confuse him.

  1. Dealing with the Jump Ups

Puppies love to greet by jumping up. Do not appreciate it when he does it. Wait till he settles down and then pat his back. If he gets in a ‘jumping up’ position, turn your back at him.

  1. End Training session positively

End your training with an “Excellent” or “Good Job, Boy!” Give him treats and time to play around. This assures his presence at the next class.


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