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A Dog Training Guide for Your Labrador Puppy

Black labLabradors first originated from the Newfoundlands. They were used by fisherman to retrieve any sort of lose fish or nets and to this day, they have not once lost their abilities. Labradors are one of the friendliest and smartest dogs that you will come across. They understand well and tend to learn quickly as compared to other dog breeds.

In order to get an insight on the dog training session of your Labrador puppy, you might want to go through this article.

Before starting your dog training, you first need to understand your Labrador and connect with him. These dogs are very quick and eager learners and are very friendly. Their breed has been utilized in many jobs where they work side by side with their human fellows.

For young Labs, keep the training classes short but filled with fun and excitement so that he is more eager when you start the next class and is never reluctant. Take him out in the garden for his toilet training and acknowledge and praise him when he does it. The praise will let him connect with the action and he will want to do whatever his ‘master’ says to get the praise, hence, resulting in his good and timely training.

When you are teaching him how to sit, do it when he is just about to sit on the ground. Make hand gestures and just when his leg hits the ground, emphasize on the word. At first he will be confused but then soon he will realize the connection between the word and the action.

Do not EVER beat your dog. Beating and violence is not the way. Some people may think that beating might teach them better but it really doesn’t. Labradors are very gentle dogs and they learn better with love and care. If you beat him, he might get scared or worse, even out raged. If you want to stop him from doing something, be firm in your tone and hand gestures and do not give him any treat. He will soon get the signal that he should not repeat that particular action.

Reward him for every behavior you wish to encourage with doggy treats and appreciative gestures. Once he gets the idea of the action he should do for example ‘sit’, skip a treat. That will make him wonder if he did it correctly or not and he will work harder to get your praise. In this way the Dog won’t get sloppy and will always remain alert.

The clicker training is best for Labradors. The ‘click-clack’ of the clicker will build a more solid connection between the action and the reward and he will learn more effectively.

During dog training, convey the message that he needs to ‘learn to earn’ his treat. Do not give him treats out of the blue without a reason. Reward him with food when he accomplishes something. This will help him to stay alert.

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