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Anyone Want To Buy A Bag Of Bright Mind?

MaggieIf you’ve been reading my blog – and you certainly should have  (grin!)– you would have seen a post I wrote a few days ago about putting my 14-year-old dog Maggie on a dog food called Bright Mind.

I promised I would update you as to any progress I saw in her.

Well, here is the update.

I was reading the Sunday paper and eating breakfast this morning when I heard Maggie cough several times and then a thump.

I turned around and saw her lying on the kitchen floor with all four of her legs stuck out straight at a 30° angle. I rushed to her and could not feel her breathing or a heartbeat.  I sat there stroking her wondering what had happened when she slowly began to come back. She continued to lie on the floor for nearly 10 minute before she could stand up.

I started  madly searching the Internet and found that she had most likely suffered a grand mal seizure.  By then she was acting pretty normal I bundled her up and drove to the nearest ER vet

Thirty minutes later  I had my diagnosis confirmed that she had, in fact, had a grand mal seizure.

Based on some additional research it looks as if nothing can be done if and until she has a series of the seizures, at which tim she can be medicated.

Yes, this was the scariest thing I have ever gone through with a dog.

Was the seizure caused by the Bright Mind Dog food or was this just a coincidence? While I don’t know the answer to this I know one thing for certain – no more Bright Mind.

If she has another seizure I’ll know it wasn’t the Bright Mind.

If not, I guess I’ll never know.

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