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Best Dog Training Methods For A Cocker Spaniel

Cocker SpanielCocker Spaniels are playful and cheerful dogs that can make great pets. Many owners believe the Cocker Spaniels are naughty but fortunately, it is very easy to train these little devils especially when they are trained at a younger age through proper dog training methods with a lot of patience, positive reinforcement and repetition.

An important aspect of your dog training methods is to give your dog his personal space where he can relax and call it his own and that is, his crate training. If your dog is just a puppy now, consider renting a crate from your local animal shelter so that you don’t feel the need to buy a new one every time he grows into it. Or you can just buy a larger one once so you don’t have to change it over and over again. Take your dog with you when you go crate shopping so you are sure of his size as he should be able to move around and stand in that crate.

It may take your dog a few days before he gets comfortable with it so you have to make it look more and more inviting for him. Buy him chew toys and place the crate in a common room e.g. a lounge or outside your bedroom even so that he doesn’t feel alone.

Toilet training is one of the essentials in dog training methods. Choose an outdoor spot where your dog can use the bathroom. When you take him out on the leash, let him be free for a while so that he can choose his desired place all by himself. That place might be grass, mulch or soil. You can guide him away from the areas which you think would not be appropriate. Whichever spot he chooses, take him to the exact same place every day so that he knows which place is his. Be careful to not punish him if he goes to the bathroom inside as these breed of dogs are very sensitive when it comes to harshness or punishments. Your cocker spaniel might let you know himself that he needs to go to the washroom. He will start whining and whimpering.

Apart from this, leash training is also very necessary. Choose the perfect collar for your dog. The leash should be four to six feet in length. Choke collars are not suitable for spaniels. Make sure that the leash you buy for your dog is non retractable. The retractable ones encourage the dog to pull away from you and this might make him drift away whilst walking. Be sure to take the collar off when he is eating or resting in his crate.

Repetition is the key to success if you want to train your dog. If you are having trouble training him all by yourself, you can consult a professional trainer with a certified degree because initial training is very important. Once your puppy knows all the basics, he can easily learn other tricks with time.

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