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Can A Dog Food Actually Rejuvenate An Old Dog?’s Brain?

Maggie 2I’m making an experiment on my little dog, Maggie. And no, there’s no scalpels, test tubes or injections involved

It started last week when I saw a commercial for the dog food Bright Mind. The crux of this commercial was that after dogs reach the age of seven something happens to their brains so they become less energetic, slower and, well, sort of dumb downed. But then after just 30 days on Bright Mind the dog in the commercial was bouncing around, chasing a ball, being playful and just having a jolly good time with its family.

If you read my previous post you saw I had a problem with Maggie because she never had much energy and was never much interested in interacting with me.

So, today I picked up a bag of Bight Mind. I’m not at all certain it’s going to turn her back into a young dog – as she is 14 years old – but I figure why not? It couldn’t hurt her and maybe it will give her more of a spark and more of an interest in life – and in me.

I’ll be posting any results I see over the course of the next 30 days so maybe you’d like to follow along to see if you can teach an old dog to act younger with the help of Bright Mind. And no, I am not the being paid to do this.



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One Response to Can A Dog Food Actually Rejuvenate An Old Dog?’s Brain?

  1. Mike Field September 4, 2015 at 6:46 pm #

    Woof-Woof. Why would I want something better?

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