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Great Dane

The World’s 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

There was an article recently that named the 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world – based on biting and fatality statistics. You might guess that pit bulls would be high on this list but some of the others surprised me and might surprise you. The 10 most dangerous dog breeds 10. St. Bernard […]

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Do You Think Pitbulls Are Being Treated Unfairly?

Some cites have banned Pitbulls and others are considering it. We’ve seen several stories recently about Pitbull attacks. Some people believe it’s the breed while others blame the dogs’ owners. How do you feel? Do you think Pitbulls are being treated unfairly in the press? Here’s your chance to vote on this controversial  issue. [yop_poll […]

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Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier  or Yorkie is a small dog breed of the terrier type. It was developed in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills. It was also used for rat-baiting. Named for the English city from which they originally hail, Yorkshire Terriers were used in the […]

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Spotlight On … The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua (chihuahueño in Spanish) is a very small breed of dog and is named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in many different sizes, head shapes, colors, and coat length. The Chihuahua’s history is puzzling and there are many theories surrounding the origin of the breed. The most common and most likely theory is that Chihuahuas are […]

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Spotlight On …The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog – often called just Bulldog – is a member of the bulldog breeds, which also include the America Bulldog, Old English Bulldog (now extinct), and the French Bulldog. It’s a heavy, muscular dog with a distinctive pushed in nose and a wrinkled face. A typical mature male weighs 45 to 55 pounds and […]

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