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Woman Eats Nothing But Dog Food For 30 Days OMG

I’ve heard about people who have gone to great lengths to prove a point that this might take the cake. According to an article I found recently, pet supply store owner, Dorothy Hunter, has vowed to eat only pet food for 30 straight days. Her goal is to raise awareness about the diets of pets and humans. […]

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Yorkshire Terrier

Are You Feeding Your Dog Crap?

Every one I know likes to save money including your truly. I know it’s tempting to buy cheap. But when it comes to dog food, cheap is not the answer. If you love your dog, you shouldn’t be feeding it cheap crap. You wouldn’t want to live on a diet consisting of just cheap ground […]

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Good Dog Health Begins With Healthy Dog Food

If you Google search the term healthy dog food, you’ll get a bewildering array of answers, the first seven of which are those of dog food manufacturers and vendors. I went through this exercise recently and finally got to an article titled “What Pet Food Makers DON’T Want You to Know.”  While this headline was […]

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