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Dozens More Dog Treat Recalls Due To Risk Of Salmonella

 I found this article on  the Ruff Report about dog treat recalls  due to potential  salmonella contamination from peanut butter. I thank the Ruff Report for having done such a great job of putting this information together. NOTE: You really don’t have to read this entire article, which is on the long side. Just scroll down and scan to […]

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Tips For Saving Money On Dog Food And Medicine

I found this article on lifeinc.today.com the other day and thought it made some very good points. We all want to give our dogs the best care possible but this doesn’t mean we need to spend extravagantly on their food or medicines. As this article points out, one thing you can do is take advantage of the coupons available that can […]

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Wellness Dog Food

Don’t you want your dog to live a long happy, healthy life? If you’re like most dog owners, you’d answer a definite “yes” to this question. Tis means you should be feeding your dog a diet of wellness dog food. What is wellness dog food? Wellness dog food is basically good, healthy natural food. It […]

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