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The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Health

There are a number of pet health questions that you may encounter with your dog throughout his/her life. Being prepared by feeding your dog a healthy diet, and being able to recognise some of the signs of sickness will help you maintain your pet dog health. Knowing what types of nutrients to feed your dog, […]

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Your Snub-nosed Dog Has Something Other Breeds Don’t

We know you really love your Pug, French bulldog or English bulldog but it – along with the other snub-nosed breeds – are very prone to developing respiratory complications. The problem, of course, is that they don’t breathe as efficiently as dogs with longer snouts. Plus, issues such as congestion and allergies can further compromise their breathing. […]

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Golden Retriever

How To Treat Giardia In Dogs Naturally.

There are two herbal formulas that have been used successfully as natural cures for Giardia in dogs. The first is called AP Mag, which includes bitter melon, bael fruit, Chinaberries, berberis and basil leaf. It is available from Ayush Herbs. DGL Plus. It consists of licorice root and unripe plantain. If your dog is showing […]

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Pit Bull Beats Cancer, Gets Big Birthday Surprise

Wallace the Pit Bull was diagnosed with a rare cancer called hemangiosarcoma and was just given from two weeks to three months to live without chemotherapy.  Little did Wallace’s vet know how strong he was. Here he is in a great video celebrating his 11th birthday in style – seven months after his diagnosis and chemo free.  There’s […]

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Dog Heart Worms

There’s no question but that dog heart worms are one of the worst things that could happen to your buddy. In fact, if left unchecked they could kill your dog. Sneaky little devils Dog heart worms are sneaky little devils in that they aren’t worms at all when they infest your dog. They’re microscope-sized Microfilariae. From this […]

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