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German shepherd dog - Deutscher Schäferhund

Treating Your Dog … Naturally

Prescription drugs can be an effective way to treat dog illnesses but often come with serious side effects. This for this reason that many people choose to treat dog illnesses naturally. If you agree that natural treatments are a better alternative than harsh prescription medications, there’s a great book for you … Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete […]

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Golden Retriever

Liver Disease in Dogs

Did you know that the liver is the largest gland in a dog’s body and certainly one of the most important organs? What a liver does is carry out essential chemical processing for the dog including handling of nutrients from digestion and the elimination of toxic substances. When this organ goes bad, the dog can […]

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springer spaniel dog isolated

Hmm, Dog Chiropractors?

Have you ever thought about dog chiropractors? I hadn’t really ever thought about them until I ran into the following article. It turns out that more than 1000 veterinarians and chiropractors  have been AVCA certified to do animal chiropractic. One of them has treated everything from a paralyzed iguana to an elephant with a gimpy leg […]

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View of two dogs lying

Natural Immune System Boosters For Dogs

  I ran across an article the other day that made me think about something that had never occurred to me – our dog’s immune systems. It seems that healthy dogs just naturally have good immune systems but th a dog’s immune system can be weakened due to allergies, diseases and infections, trauma, autoimmune conditions […]

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dog breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

The case for alternative veterinary medicine

  Most veterinarians say that dogs are suffering more and more from an epidemic of poor health. Too many of them are becoming sick and even dying before their time. One of the reasons for this that standard or conventional medications have the potential to cause serious problems with the dog’s heart, liver, skin, kidneys, […]

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