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Dog Training Classes For Your Little Pup

Dog training classes are type oriented. The age, breed and skill level of your dog determines which class he needs to go through first. Puppy Training (10 weeks to 5 months) This puppy education course that starts when your pup is around 10 weeks or older, gives him introduction to simple cues like “sit” and […]

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A Dog Training Guide for Your Labrador Puppy

Labradors first originated from the Newfoundlands. They were used by fisherman to retrieve any sort of lose fish or nets and to this day, they have not once lost their abilities. Labradors are one of the friendliest and smartest dogs that you will come across. They understand well and tend to learn quickly as compared […]

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The Alpha Dog Theory Is Just Bunk And Here’s Why

Try Googling the term alpha dog and guess what you’ll get. You’ll get more than 85,000 hits. This is due primarily to the fact that there are literally thousands of websites, blogs, books, TV shows, trainers and professional behaviorists who adhere to the alpha dog theory and how you need to use intimidation and force […]

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