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Nutrition Myths About Dog Food For Older Dogs

Just like humans, as our dogs age, they should be provided with nutritional supplements to support their special senior needs. Your dog’s nutritional needs are based on many differentf factors, but most commercial older dogs foods on the market are feeding us mysterious kibble that get us to buy foods that either lack vital benefits […]

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Why You Should Adopt An Adult Dog

There’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t see pictures of dogs that need homes. I don’t worry much about those adorable little puppies. But I do wonder what’s in store for some of the adult dogs. Our three shelter dogs were 3, 5 and 4 years old respectively when we brought them , which definitely […]

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Breaking News! Dog treat maker recalls canine snacks

I found an article today about dog treats that could contain salmonella. To make matters even worse, they’re manufactured right here in my home town. You should check and make sure you’re not giving your dog(s) any of these snacks. Here’s the complete article. SALMONELLA: Dog treat maker recalls canine snacks The possibility of salmonella contamination […]

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