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Cesar Millan Explains (Yuck) Why Dogs Eat Poop

Pug with head tipped to side looking sadDoes your dog eat dog  poop? Does it make you just totally gross out? Or maybe even gag a bit. One person recently asked famous dog trainer Cesar Milan to explain why it is that dogs eat Poop. Here was his answer.

“Oftentimes when dogs eat poop, it’s a nutritional issue. Particularly, if you feed them lower-quality dog food with filler like carbs and sugar, this gives the dog an energy spike, but then they’re hungry again right away. Now since you mentioned that your dog also has terrible allergies, this probably is part of the issue and you should consult your vet to find the right diet. Your dog might be allergic to gluten or grain, which is common in lower-quality dog food.’

So, if you dog is a poop eater, try changing its diet to one that’s more nutritious. We like Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Recipe and Nutro Ultra. Any of these would be much better than Pedigree or Purina.

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