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Dog Training Classes For Your Little Pup

Dog training classes are type oriented. The age, breed and skill level of your dog determines which class he needs to go through first.Smiling pug

Puppy Training (10 weeks to 5 months)

This puppy education course that starts when your pup is around 10 weeks or older, gives him introduction to simple cues like “sit” and “stay”, and manners using different techniques like hand gestures and verbal signs. Most importantly, the puppy learns to walk with a leash around his neck without being rebellious of it or feeling uncomfortable. The owners are allowed when the dog is being trained so that they can respond more perfectly to “come when called”. The course lasts up to 6 weeks.

Beginner Training (5 months and older)

Specifically designed for dogs with no previous training, these beginner’s Education dog training classes lay a solid and basic foundation of basic behaviors for your dog. Adult or adolescent dogs can easily be distracted by their surroundings; hence it is important to work on “come when called”, “leave”, “stay”, “sit” and leash pulling. They teach basic house manners as per the owner’s requirement.

Intermediate Training

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you walked here and there, in and out of your room and your dog remained at ease and didn’t follow you around? If your dog already knows the basics, the intermediate Education dog training classes strive to achieve better results that involve longer durations, more distance and distractions. This course also introduces new techniques and tricks like “heel”, “wait” and even “go to bed” which would a very great achievement. This course lasts up to 6 weeks.

Advanced Training

This course covers the weak areas with specialized tricks and other special behaviors and enforces the cues learned in the first stages. In addition to the pride and accomplishment you will feel for owning a well-trained and a well-groomed dog, you will also receive a diploma to mark yours and your hard working Dog’s accomplishments.

Additional Training

This stage is not compulsory. It has three stages;

  1. Private Training

If you have a dog that you think might need extra attention, private trainers can be hired that fit perfectly to your needs and your schedule. You can take as many classes as you want. It is perfect for dogs that have special needs.

  1. Personal training Camp

This offers a set of personalized trainers there for your dog to help him groom and teach him things fewer dogs know. Individualized attention is given to every dog and the time span may vary from session to session

  1. Dog Trick Training

This involves various methods such as the clicker to teach the dg many useful and fun tricks using positive reinforcement. This helps you interact and communicate more effectively with your dog.

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