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Dog Training Techniques To Have A Well Behaved Dog

Black labMany dog owners face the problem that even though their dog is trained, he still is not the best ‘well mannered’ dog around. It really is not that hard. Dogs are easier to train, at least than most naughty children.

The first and the foremost thing that you should be aware of, is that dogs learn best when you reward them for the good deeds that they do. This is called positive reinforcement. When your dog behaves well, understands and carries out all your commands, give him a treat so that he knows he would be rewarded for this particular act. If he does not, harsh punishments are never encouraged. His training should not be punishment oriented as it is important to maintain his spirit and encourage him to do better.

“Anything the dog likes and enjoys is fair game to train with”, says Sylvia Stasiewicz- a famous dog trainer.

While training, the owner might face a problem when his dog does not stop jumping. According to some old school training method, one should hit the dog slightly with the knee in his chest. This dog training technique is not preferable. Instead of that, when your dog jumps, do not show any reaction or turn your back at him. He will realize that his owner does not like it and he is not getting any treats in return for this. So he will stop jumping after a while.

When dealing with tough canines or as some call it, ‘alpha dogs’, trainers often use choke chains or electronic collars. Their training is tough as compared to a normal ‘friendly’ dog. Some trainers balance out the harshness with smooth behavior. This can be explained by giving an example that if you put too much salt In a dish, it will not taste good. Everything needs balance. Too much harshness can make the dog more aggressive and do him more damage than good and it is not considered as a good.

One should be careful to not misuse the positive reinforcement. You do not want to pat him or give him a treat for everything he does. That might spoil him. Sometimes, skip his treats so that he works even harder to please you and in that way he will never misbehave.

If you think you cannot train your dog yourself and want to hire a trainer, then be sure what you are looking for. Not all trainers are same and not all of them have the same training methodologies. Talk to him before hiring him so that you know if you and your dog would be comfortable around him. Talk to him about  dog training techniques he would be using. If there are some you have your doubts about or are not comfortable with, leave them. Search the internet or get referrals and be sure to check the trainer’s certificates, and most importantly, be sure to be there with your dog when the training is in process. Your dog may need to be taken away for a while and your presence would make him comfortable

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