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How To Give Your Dog The Best Training

5537227129_aa41c1c3c3_q_dog-on-leash1Mostly people know the fact that it is quite easy to train young pups but they don’t really know how to carry their training out so mostly people consult professionals to make sure their dogss get the best training

Before going to any trainer, make sure that your dog has had all his vaccinations and is perfectly healthy because the last thing you want is to expose your dog (and others, of course) to any sort of disease or illness.

The proper everyday classes shouldn’t start before your puppy is at least 5 months old. Though there are some specific classes he can take when he is 8 to 16 weeks old.

When you seek out your trainer, in order to give your dog the best dog training, make sure that you ask for his formal certification. There are plenty of programs that offer diplomas simply for completing their paid classes. So when you try to find a trainer, make sure he has the following requirements done on his certificate;

  • (IACP)
  • ( CCPDT)
  • ( IAABC)

If the trainer has his certification from even one of these programs, you will know that you have landed on the right one as they have completed significant number of training hours and have had a lot of practice to offer the best dog training.

There are many different ways of training a dog that depend upon his nature or the thing he responds to most. Like some dogs have food as a positive motivator, some have toys. But it is universally accepted that positive reinforcement is better than harsh punishments. So if you see a trainer who indulges in methods that involve hitting or scaring the puppies and even yelling, look elsewhere. You want someone who knows who he is dealing with and who trains them patiently, who appreciates good behavior and ignores bad behavior.

A trainer might have a good certification and years of experience, but if you do not feel comfortable around him and you think that their training methods do not suit you and your dog, it is better that you look for another one. Never settle for less. A good trainer will keep himself up to date about the new training methods and explain the things that are out there; so participate in your pup’s training as well. In order to give the pup the best dog training, the trainer should be able to adapt to the dog’s individual needs.

If ever during the sessions you feel like you’ve made a mistake while picking out the trainer for your dog, do not hesitate. You can change your dog’s trainer whenever you feel like it. It isn’t compulsory to keep sticking to his ways and methods just because you think it would be rude to change.

Lastly, there is only so much you can do. So make sure you do your best in picking out the best for your little pup so he can learn from the best and be the best.

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