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I Always Wonder If I’m Feeding My Dog Correctly?

MaggieI always winder if I’m  feeding Maggie correctly

I give her a combination of wet and dry food. The amount I give her is about what my late wife gave her and I’ve just stayed with with the portions she fed her.

But I have no idea whetherI’m feeding her correctly or not.

I did pick up some valuable information from an  email I  received recently from the Whole Dog Journal. The information is excerpted from the book Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats by CJ Puotinen and I found it to be useful.

Are You Feeding Your Dog the Right Way?

Excerpted from CJ Puotinen’s book “Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats.”

“The debate over pet food is ongoing, from the source and quality of the ingredients to the use of chemical preservatives, colors and flavoring agents. Only a few premium brands contain food suitable for consumption for humans; almost all are made from such questionable raw materials, that they have been the focus of lengthy exposes by veterinarians and investigative journalists. So what should dogs eat? And how much should they eat?

“The notion that each meal an animal eats should be completely balanced came into vogue with the use of packaged foods. If you were restricted to the same food in the same amount every day for the rest of your life, each identical meal would have to be nutritionally balanced because you would have no other source of nutrients. But you don’t eat that way, you don’t feed your children that way, and animals in the wild don’t eat that way, either. It’s completely unnatural. What matters is not whether tonight’s dinner contains 100% of every nutrient your body requires, but rather whether all of the combined foods you eat today or this week provide them.

“Monotony is not only boring, it’s contagious. Cats who only eat tuna and dogs who only eat one kind of meat eventually suffer serious health problems. So do pets who eat the same processed food at every meal”

For an easy-to-read yet detailed account of the advantages of a natural diet and an herbal and holistic approach to your dog’s health, purchase CJ Puotinen’s “Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats” from The Whole Dog Journal.


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