Happy Dog Times

I’ve been thinking a lot about older dogs

English_Bulldog_puppyWhat with my Maggie reaching age 14 (we think) and having suffered a seizure last Sunday, I got to thinking about older dogs and whether they need different food and different care. In researching the subject I came across an article I thought was pretty good titled “Tips For Caring For Older Dogs” on website www.petmed.com.

It opened by noting that, “Senior dogs have different care requirements than those of a younger dog. This fact probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But how do you know when your dog is considered to be a senior?

“It really depends on the individual dog. In general, giant breed dogs age faster than smaller breed dogs. A Great Dane is considered to be senior by roughly 5-6 years old whereas a Chihuahua would likely only be middle-aged then, and probably not considered a senior until 10-11 years (Continue reading).

If you do follow the link and read the article I’d like your take on the subject so please leave a comment.


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