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Maggie And Me – A Dog I Just Don’t Understand

MaggieI have a dog I frankly don’t understand.

I’ve been a dog owner off and on throughout my entire life.

At the beginning of 2014 my wife and I had three dogs. Unfortunately, we had to put two of them down that year leaving us with just one – Maggie.

The story of Maggie

We didn’t rescue Maggie so much as we inherited her. Here’s the story. Seven years ago my granddaughter’s mother abandoned her to us to raise. I guess she thought it would make things easier for her daughter if she sent a dog along with her – out of the 15, 17 or whatever number she owned. As you might guess that dog was Maggie.

Maybe it’s my fault

To be honest I had a bit of a problem bonding with her initially. She’s a mix of  probably dachshund and something else with long white fur like maybe Lhasa Apso.  She has a red nose and a sort of a mouse face. Since we had two other dogs at the time when she came to live with us I probably didn’t pay much attention to her.

Then making matters even worse I lost my wife to ovarian cancer last October.

So here we are just the two of us – Maggie and me.

Now, why don’t I understand her?

She does seem bonded to me now as she generally wants to be wherever I am although sometimes like now she’s satisfied sitting five or six feet from me – so long as she is can see me.

You know those stories about dogs that get so excited when their masters or mistresses come home? Well, that’s not Maggie. The one time she did seem excited to see me was after I had spent a day and a half and a night in the hospital. Other than that she may or may not come to the door when I get home.

Maggie rarely comes when I call her though once in a while she’ll surprise me. She’s probably 14 years old so she maybe like me and she’s suffered some hearing loss. But I’m sort of nonplussed those times (not all the time) when I try to give her attention and she simply walks away.

Maggie gets most excited when she sees I’m about to take her for a walk. I do this faithfully every day as it’s the one thing she seems to really enjoy.

So, is it me or is it Maggie? Or is it Maggie’s age. She was probably seven years old when she came to us and heaven knows her background. But that doesn’t change the fact that I just don’t understand her. Naturally, I would like a dog that was more affectionate and more interested in me.

I wonder if any of you have any advice?

Or do I just accept the status quo?

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