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Dog Skin Problems

Did you know that dog skin problems is the number one problem seen by veterinarians. Of course, dog skin problems is a very wide category. These can be caused by flea bite sensitivities, airborne allergies, chemicals in the environment, reactions to vaccinations or even food allergies. What holistic veterinarians say about dog skin problems Many […]

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What Veterinarians Say About Dog Obesity

Honesty compels me to admit that we have at least one and maybe two dogs that are lose to dog obesity. In fact, if Emma’ stomach gets much better, it could be dragging on the ground and Jake, our Cairn Terrier, could also stand to lose a few pounds. So I read with interest an […]

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Breaking News! Dog treat maker recalls canine snacks

I found an article today about dog treats that could contain salmonella. To make matters even worse, they’re manufactured right here in my home town. You should check and make sure you’re not giving your dog(s) any of these snacks. Here’s the complete article. SALMONELLA: Dog treat maker recalls canine snacks The possibility of salmonella contamination […]

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Dog Insurance – The Pros and Cons

I found this article in the Denver Post and thought it did a good job of laying out the pros and cons of pet insurance. As you might know from pesonal experience, vets today can do for dogs just about everything that doctors can do for us. But it does come at a price. If […]

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Golden Retriever

Does Your Dog Have Worms?

There’s this thing about dogs. First, they forage for food – just like many animals. Second, they’ll eat just about anything, including feces. Given these two traits, you can see why dogs are very apt to develop worms – worms that can make them sick and even kill them. Included on this list of nasty […]

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rottweiler chihuahua and food bowl

Wellness Dog Food

Don’t you want your dog to live a long happy, healthy life? If you’re like most dog owners, you’d answer a definite “yes” to this question. Tis means you should be feeding your dog a diet of wellness dog food. What is wellness dog food? Wellness dog food is basically good, healthy natural food. It […]

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