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Plants You Should Never Let Your Dog Get Near

Golden RetrieverPlants are so pretty and so harmles.

Well, maybe not.

There are actually plants that could harm you dog — and maybe a lot.


Take that innocent looking aloe vera plant sitting over there in the corner looking anything but lethal.

According to the website The Dogington Post  it might be very helpful for us humans but not so much for dogs. This is because the plant’s outer leaves contain saponins that could cause your dog to suffer diarrhea, vomiting, nausea an event tremors.

Don’t you just love apple and cherry trees? Your dog doesn’t. In fact, many parts of these trees are poisonous to dogs. It can send them into shock.

The Asparagus Fern makes a lovely house plant but contain sapogenins that can cause your dog to develop allergic dermatitis. And when it grows berries they can cause the same problems as aloe vera plants.

Rhododendruns and Azaleas are very pretty shrubs but contain grayantoxin.  It can affect a dog’s muscle and nerve function and cause colic, dizziness, depression and loss of appetite.

This is definitely the time of year for Christmas Cactus — except for dogs. If your dog eats its leaves, flowers or branches it can end up suffering from bloody diarrhea,depression and vomiting.

Privet Hedges? Yes, Privet Hedges

Do you have Privet Hedges? Better keep your dog away from them. Their branches and needles contain terpenoid glycoside, which is a toxin that can cause your dot to develop loss of balance,  intestinal upset, and a racing heart.

Finally, there is Eucalyptus. It smells great and its oilcan be found in many health-related supplements. But if your dog ingest it, he or she may develop excessive diarrhea, vomiting, depression and lethargy.

Don’t be afraid to have these plants or trees in your house or yard.

Just make sure your dog doesn’t eat any of them.


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