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Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get One Of Those Really Small Dogs

Yorkshire TerrierReally small dog breeds and by this I mean those that weigh seven pounds or less have become extremely popular here in the U.S. You may have even seen photos of celebrities with a Chihuahua, Yorkie or Maltese stuffed in their, totes or being pushed in a stroller.

Small dogs can have big problems

As cute as those little guys might be they can create big problems. For one thing, they often have genetic problems due to the way they’ve been breed.

The smallest dogs in the world weigh less than 7 pounds, and can easily slip through cracks in a fence, get stepped on or even hugged a little too hard.

1. They can fall victim to predators. In fact, there was a story in our local paper just last week about a coyote that snatched and killed a

2. There’s a tendency of small-statured dogs to tumble from their owners’ arms and get hurt. And falls can lead to serious injuries or death, especially because small dogs have thin skulls.

3. Because the small dogs are so adorable, children tend to squeeze them like they do teddy bears, which can cause injuries,

4. Despite what you might think really small dogs are no easier to care for than large ones. They need just as much exercise and mental stimulation.

5. It’s hard for the really little dogs to get down special treats because toy breeds typically have misaligned teeth and difficulty chewing.

6. Many toy dogs have genetic problems with teeth and joints, and won’t save you money on food costs because they tend to live longer than larger dogs.

The upside of really small dogs

The upside to owning one of these little dogs is that they often have outsized personalities.

You can take them almost anywhere. They are so small, they can comfortably fit inside a large tote bag or a special bag specially designed for them. Plus, more and more retail stores and restaurants are allowing dogs to come inside, particularly if they’re small in size.

If you live in an apartment, a small dog may be the only type that’s allowed. Many apartment complexes have regulations specifying the size dog you can have. If your dog is small sized, he or she may be allowed to take up residence with you in your apartment.

Finally, small dogs do require less food, which can be a cost savings to you. And if you need to take them to a kennel or have them groomed, it generally will cost less than it would for a larger dog.

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