Happy Dog Times

The Best Happy Dog videos You Will Ever Find

Maggie and ownerWith all the political clashes going on here and there with a hint of tragedies, people find peace and laughter in animal videos, especially happy dog videos. There are thousands and thousands of videos on the internet, but one can’t simply go through all of them to land on the best ones, that is why we have picked out the best happy dog videos for you. All you have to do is sit back, drink your nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy.

From ‘It’s me or the dog’

This little fella has a crazy obsession with cupcakes and basically… anything that looks like deliciously made food. It is quite intriguing to see the little pooch control his hunger and his obsession. Trust me buddy, we feel the pain.

Smile away smile dog

If you are convinced that dogs can smile, then this little Japanese pooch sure can. He’s a ten on ten heart warmer with the best canine smile, fluffy-floppy ears and the tail that never stops wiggling. He is probably one of the happiest dogs alive.

Talking Dogs

If you weren’t so in on the smile, forget it. We’ve got something better. The Talking Dog! Yes. This hound can vocalize the sentences “I want it”, “hello”, “I love you” and “I want my momma”. With a talent like this, these dogs are soon going to hit your television screens.

Dog vs. Balloons

If you think a dog can’t have that much fun just jumping around popping balloons, think again. This dog has the energy of two, sixteen year olds combined. If you wish to hit the “play” button, we’re warning you now with a little spoiler, it doesn’t end well for the balloons

Buddy’s Funny Barking

People have always been amused by funny noises that didn’t suit the body of the one making them. If you are one of those, you will definitely enjoy this. The little chirpy little buddy has the most amusing bark. His video got more than a million hits. Be sure you don’t miss out on this.

Dog’s Prison Break

You will be up on your sofa chair while watching a dog escape from his confinement clutches. Be sure to check out the reactions of other pups when this was happening. One of them even waved him Good bye. (P.s The dog lives happily ever after at the end)

Dog plays in her sleep

Sure we’ve all heard of sleep walking but sleep playing is on a whole new level. This little dog just can’t let his ball get away. She can’t seem to put the ball down and tries oh so hard to fight the sleep. This will make you want to tune in to more happy dog videos.

Rock-a-bye Doggie

Two things we humans love most, animals and babies. Put them all together and BAM! This dog loves her human so much that she tucks the baby in at night and stays on guard to protect her. She barks at anyone who tries to wake the baby up. Good dog.

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