Happy Dog Times

Tips For Making Sure You Have A Happy Dog

Smilin puppyOwning a dog has its own perks but you need to make sure if your pet is a happy dog as well. To ensure if he is leading a healthy and a happy life, the following things might come in handy;

  1. Take time out of your busy routine and spend it playing with your dog. Give him your undivided attention no matter what you do.
  2. Take him on a ride in your car. Whether you are going to pick up some stuff from the store or just getting an ice cream, take him with you. Roll down your car windows so he gets a breeze of fresh air.
  3. Almost every dog loves playing in the water. Take him to the lake or just get yourself wet with him in a baby pool. He most certainly will enjoy it.
  4. After all the day’s hectic and sweaty work, give your dog a bath. Get specialized puppy shampoo and draw him a warm bubble bath.
  5. If you’re going to pick up your kids, to meet the neighbors or even the grocery store, put a leash on him and take him out for a walk. You will be surprised how great of a company your dog is.
  6. Puppies grow up pretty fast. Take pictures of him and capture the memorable moments. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these days.
  7. Study your dog’s body language and see how he reacts to situations. This will help you understand him better and you will see him do things a happy dog does
  8. Puppies likes to smell the things around them, let him sniff. The olfactory organs help them get aware of their environment and be comfortable with it.
  9. Get your puppy a tag. A lot of puppies are lost each year or even ‘dognapped’. Make sure your puppy isn’t one of them.
  10. Dogs love chewing and nibbling so let him have his way. Buy a high quality chew toy for him so that he doesn’t chew off every pair of shoes that you own.
  11. Feeding him table foods might not be such a good idea as they can lead to obesity and intestinal problems. Get nutrient rich specialized dog food for your little puppy.
  12. Do not give him any sweets, especially chocolates. Yes, chocolates can be very harmful for dogs as they can attack his heart directly.
  13. Brush his teeth regularly and clean his utensils as well just like you do your own dishes. He is a part of your family now.
  14. Take him to the vet at least once a month. Get him checked out for tics or diseases that might aggravate in the near future.
  15. Clip his claws regularly. Not only do the grown claws harm the floor and the carpets but they also cause huge discomfort to the dog.

By following these few steps, you will definitely learn to take care of your pet better and he certainly will be a Smilin puppy

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